Sanibel Sunset lampglass bracelet


Sanibel is beautiful by day, but, oh, those majestic sunsets! After designing his popular "Sanibel Island" bracelet, Rick naturally turned for inspiration to one of the most sought after times of the day on the island--the "Sanibel Sunset."

The sunset beach scene with a swaying palm and starfish on the center bead of this stunning bracelet is one of the most beautiful, but also complicated beads that Rick makes. For this center bead alone, Rick uses 17 different steps to create the beach scene with the gorgeous tones of a Sanibel sunset.

"I wanted to include everything mysterious about Sanibel," Rick says. "Of course, there had to be shells, but also swaying palms, the dark ocean current, and undersea creatures like colorful fiddler crabs, playful starfish & a flowing jellyfish." Also included in the bracelet are Swarovski crystals, sterling Balinese beads and sealife charms, and a handcrafted pewter starfish toggle.

Please give 4-6 weeks for the making of this handcrafted piece if it is not in stock. If needed for a special occasion or certain date, please specify that at checkout. We will do our best to accommodate your request and confirm the delivery date once your order is received.