Lavish Love 7 Bead Lampglass Necklace


This ultra special and stunning collection was inspired by and made in honor of a woman dear to and much loved by Trader Rick and his wife, as well as many around the world who have been touched by the lavish love of God that she showers on all those she encounters. Darlene Betzer is known to talk often about the “lavish love" of God, but she also reflects that love so beautifully, powerfully and humbly, so the name for this lampglass collection was easy. To create the design was a bit more challenging as Rick made “Lavish Love” with pure silver infused into the glass, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and gold-fill beads. The focal bead of both the bracelet and necklace is a gorgeous lampglass heart bead with sweeping strokes of the metallic glass accenting the surface. Both the bracelet and the necklace are completed with a beautiful heart clasp and cross. The Balinese sterling silver beads shown in the picture can vary depending on availability. The beauty of “Lavish Love” is further enhanced as a portion of the proceeds of the sales will go to help support Project Rescue, an amazing ministry that works to rescue and restore victims of sexual slavery throughout Eurasia. Check out for more information.

Please give 4-6 weeks for the making of this piece if it is not in stock. If needed for a special occasion or a certain date, please specify that at checkout. We will do our best to accommodate your request and confirm the delivery date once the order is received