Out of the Fire

Out of the Fire is made by our own Trader Rick using Italian glass rods that he melts over an open torch to create gorgeous beads that he crafts into stunning jewelry. Each collection is named and handcrafted by Rick himself, using his beautiful glass creations and the finest other materials, including sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. His work is loved and collected by women around the world and is found exclusively through our stores. When you join the collectors of Out of the Fire, you'll find that the brilliant colors of the pieces are even more vibrant and enchanting than we can accurately picture online. 

Necklaces are approximately 18 inches and bracelets are approximately 8-8.5 inches, which fit a standard-sized wrist. If you need a custom size, please call either of our stores to place your special order. There may be an additional charge for larger pieces, but Rick is happy to create a piece that fits you perfectly!